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The USB-FDI-M is a unit which allows data to be stored directly to its own internal memory.  At a later stage the user can insert a flash drive memory stick and load the data onto the stick.

Typical recording applications include:

                   Weighbridge transactions
                   Filling / bagging systems
                   Checkweighing systems
                   Laboratory analysis instrumentation
                   Belt weighing systems           
                   Mobile weighing - Forklift trucks / pallet weighers
The unit can be used with ANY machine with a serial output, typically weighing indicators and other diagnostic equipment.  It main advantages are as follows:

                   Complete traceability of every weighing or other data output
                   No paper tally roll printer required
                   No cabling around factories
                   Data compatible with Excel for further analysis
                   No need to type results into a PC
                   RED / GREEN operational LED
                   Waterproof for harsh environments
                   May be mains powered with suitable adapter or 12V / 24V DC operation
                   64Kbytes of internal memory as standard (Up to 256Kbytes possible)

A SETUP file allows the unit to be configured for the following:

                   Communication format
                   Internal sequential number enable
                   Internal time / date enable
                   Unique identification within the received string
                   2 string recording each with up to 8 items of data (T1-T8)
                   Size of serial block

The unit may also be set up with a VARIABLE mode which allows  ALL information received on the serial port to be captured directly to the flash drive.

The data is typically viewed on a PC with a program such as Microsoft Excel

User Manual V1.4

USB-FDI-M  Video

USB-FDI-M (128k) - £288 + Vat

Carriage £10 + Vat per shipment

Please contact us if outside the UK


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