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Typical Applications
The recipe system is a unique product which can be used to provide formulations in a wide range of areas such as:
Bakery environments
General food production
Chemical formulation
Automotive compounds
The HR2000 recipe system’s low cost makes it ideal for the small to medium sized operation.
Consistent recipe quality independent of operator
Recipe and ingredients trace ability
Stock control
Automatic batch recalculation (1 - 999%)
Bar graph / lamp filling
Operator log on / log off
All mixes recorded to memory
Memory viewing capability
Multiple print formats
Additional notes capability
Time / date stamping
Numerous step modes within recipe
Dispense mode (Formulation)
Second weighing channel
Optoisolated RS232 / RS485 ports
Tally roll printing
Label printing (selectable formats)
Bar code reader
Remote display
PC Linkup software
Real time clock / date
Expanded memory
110 volts AC mains power
Relay outputs
Signal inputs
External PC type keyboard
4 - 20mA output module
Rechargeable (NiMh) batteries
recipe system