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We have many years of expertise in designing labelling systems for a wide variety of industries. We can supply non trade or trade approved solutions, and can support a range of low cost label printers.
Typical Applications
Food processing industry
Factory environments
Typical Label System Features
Production date / Use by date
PLU definitions (Any number)
    Product description
    Product information (e.g. Ingredients)
    Use by days
    Barcode (various formats supported)
    Tare weights / Unit weights
    Special product information
Batch / Production codes
Real time clock / Production date
Header / Footer information
Plain or preprinted labels
Net / Gross / Tare weights
Customer / Packer name and address
Special EU logo’s
Product / Overall totals printouts
Language selection (Export facility)
Packing reports
Special packing modes
Additional office printer for system backup / reporting
Formatting modes for multiple label types
PC keyboard addition for fast setup
PC link for fast configuration / report upload
USB flash drive interface for configuration and backup
HR2000 Print Labelling