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Over a number of years we have developed many special systems, please make use of our free email quotation link to allow us to provide you with a specification and quotation for your application.
Special Systems
Multihead portion weigher - food packaging industry
Portable poultry monitor (based around HR1000 indicator with integrated load cell                    Manual (PDF 52k)
Coal bagging / Stone bagging systems                                                                                 Manual (PDF 20k)
Coal blending system                                                                                                          Manual (PDF 23k)
Fish farm monitoring systems                                                                                              Manual (PDF 29k)
Abattoir trace ability systems
Axle weighing systems
Agricultural feed control systems                                                                                          Manual (PDF 22k)
Concrete / Mortar / Block mixing systems
Weighbridge management systems
Bottle weighing / volume computation systems                                                                      Manual (PDF 35k)
Check weighing controller systems
Product filling systems
Scale / Invoicing systems
Silo weighing systems
Large remote displays / data collection terminals
Personal weighing systems (Body weight loss monitoring)                                                      Manual (PDF 29k)
Forklift / Pallet truck lifted load weighing systems

Information uploaded to PC viewed by special programs / Excel
System configuration downloaded from PC
General batching / control systems - designed to specification
Special controllers / systems developed / manufactured
Electronic hardware / software development undertaken
General Area of Expertise
Associated manuals